Batches: Better SQL+RPC+WS

Batches are a new approach to relational database access, remote procedure calls, and web services.

A Remote Batch statement combines remote and local execution: all the remote code is executed in a single round-trip to the server, where all data sent to the server and results from the batch are communicated in bulk. RBI supports remote blocks, iteration and conditionals, and local handling of remote exceptions. RBI is efficient even for fine-grained interfaces, eliminating the need for hand-optimized server interfaces.

We demonstrate batches with an extension to Java, using RMI internally as the transport layer. RBI supports large-granularity, stateless server interactions, characteristic of service-oriented computing.

The batches project page information, including technical papers and a downloadable implementation. This site contains a comparison of batches to LINQ.

Comparison to LINQ using 101 examples

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